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Frank & Betsy Stretar & Family

Together and individually, Frank and Betsy bring a unique perspective to the personal leadership conversation. Their unique experiences of raising a family of eight, their non-profit leadership roles, youth ministry, and church leadership experiences allow them them opportunity to provide valuable insights and encouragement to those with various leadership responsibilities. 

They are passionate about helping other navigate their lives with a Biblical leadership perspective that places value on the sovereign plan of God over the lives of his people. 

Frank and Betsy are sure to bring a light-hearted, honest, perspective to any leadership team hosting a leadership workshops and conferences. 

Feel free to contact them if you are interested in learning more about LeaderWithin or are interested in having them speak at future leadership development events. 

For more information about our workshops and other services, please email us. 

Frank: Betsy:

Humble Beginnings

Frank and Betsy Stretar are the proud and grateful parents of eight adult children and grandparents to ninteen - soon twenty.  

They met on blind date after both becoming Christians in the late 1970’s. Frank, at age 20 was a junior/varsity football player attending Baldwin Wallace College (Berea, OH) and Betsy was 19, attending Virginia Marti College (Cleveland, OH) preparing for a career in Fashion Design.

Realizing the providential hand of God’s activity in their lives, they believed God had a specific purpose for bringing them together.

After Frank broke his leg to end his college football career, they were married (December, 1979), just seven months after their first date. Frank and Betsy now celebrate 40 years of marriage.

Together and individually, their lives have been marked by a wide range of experiences in the non-profit sector working with coaches (and their families), athletes, teen moms, married and single young adults, and children of all ages.

Frank and Betsy have served on staff with two of the largest youth ministries in the US: The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Young Life.

In 2008, Frank and Betsy Frank realized their desire to begin their own non-profit and co-founded LEADERWITHIN, INC.. Their passion is to help others reach their God-given potential.

LeaderWithin focuses on helping others discover:

- who they are (personal identity), 

- where they are (personal roles), 

- and what they can become (personal potential).